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  • Raysso-san
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    Ohayo mina ! Je me presente je suis Raysso 24 ans et toutes mes dents ! fan de mangas, d'animés et surtout de Dragon ball Z. Je suis ici pour avoir des discussions avec la meilleurs commu !

    Au plaisirs de vous rencontrés !

  • dash
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    Over 30 years experience in the IT Industry that include Government, Private Sector and own IT Consultancy Business.
    Experienced, articulate IT professional with highly developed leadership and people management skills that allow me to successfully operate across complex organizations (big or small) with effective management to deliver successful services and projects that align to key strategic ICT initiatives from both internal and external clients.
    Proven track record of leading high performance cross-functional teams with a strong customer service orientation, and build strong relationships with both customers and colleagues and influencing key stakeholders.

    • Experienced in Managing a Business
    • ITIl Certified, Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner Certified, and Business Analysis Certificate
    • Experienced in Project Management
    • Experienced as an Executive, Service Delivery Manager, and Sales and Procurement
    • Experienced in Developing and Implementing ICT Strategies and Processes
    • Experience in Account Management, Contracts, Tenders
    • Experienced in Change Management, Managing Change in an organization
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • Team leader, mentor and member
    • Specialist experience in ICT Infrastructure
    • Communication both verbally and written to all levels
    • Experienced in the development of key performance indicators

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